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25th-Aug-2008 02:06 am(no subject)

lol i hope it goes under the cut... it's a survey
11th-Aug-2008 01:08 am - fuck
purge. purge. purge.

do it.

torn in opposite directions.

want to quit.

want to keep going.

fucking ED
30th-Jul-2008 09:47 pm - 7 gatsu no meme
Visual Band Baton

1. What got you into liking visual kei?
i was always attracted to the style of the clothes. Seeing a video of Nightmare's "Raison de Etre" inspired most of my visual love.

2. What bands are you currently into?
Dir en Grey, Nightmare, Versailles, Sadie, Screw, CROWS, D, D=OUT, DEATHGAZE, Duel Jewel, gechena, HIZAKI Grace Project, THE KIDDIE, LiZ, lynch., EAT YOU ALIVE (aka MaveRick), Nega, -OZ-, SuG, The Underneath, Alice nine., Wakeshima Kanon, 12012, Black:list, WHITEBLACK, clavier, X-Japan, Sendai Kamotsu, plastic tree, HYDE, hide, heidi., Heavensdust, CELLT, Acid Black Cherry, hurts, Vidoll, Miyavi, Merry, The GazettE, Kagrra, UnsraW, MUCC, LM.C, Girugamesh, RENTRER EN SOI, ayabie, abingdon boys school, L'arc~En~Ciel. I'm sure there's more...

3. What bands do you currently dislike?
SaTan (they creep the hell out of me), Mix Speaker's Inc., Melt Banana, An Cafe, The Captains, as.milk, BUCK-TICK, Kra, Sid

4. What was the very first visual band you liked?
hmm... L'arc~en~Ciel... but I discovered them in 2005 when they weren't visual. So I guess Nightmare....

5. What's a band that you used to hate?
um... see question 3 XD

6. What's your favourite song?
mushi-dir en grey

7. What are your favourite lyrics?
mushi-dir en grey
namamekashiki ansoku, tamerai ni hohoemi--dir en grey
sexual affectioni-sadie (lmao this is a joke)
basically anything kyo writes

8. How much have you spent on CDs?
not sure.. the most i've spent at once is $50

9. What vocalist do you respect or like?
Kyo (dir en grey)
Yomi (nightmare)
mao (sadie)
wataru (12012)
hyde (l'arc~en~ciel)

10. What guitarist do you respect or like?
Sakito (nightmare)
HIZAKI (HIZAKI Grace Project, Versailles)
Kaoru (dir en grey)
Tora (alice nine.)
Uruha (the GazettE)

11. What bassist do you respect or like?
Ni~Ya (nightmare)
Reita (the GazettE)
Aki (sadie)

12. What drummer do you respect or like?
Yoshiki (X Japan)
Kai (the GazettE)
Kei (Sadie)

13. Is there a member who is similar to yourself?
wataru, the vocalist of 12012 is probably the most like me. the role that music plays in our lives is identical.

14. What music do you listen to outside of visual kei?
some jpop... utada hikaru, hamasaki ayumi, DBSK (yes I know...)

15. Is your makeup or clothing 'visual'?
sometimes I do visual makeup/hair . I need more money to buy visual clothes XD

16. What changed after you started listening to visual bands?
I became happier

17. What are three sets of lyrics that you would recommend and why?
lyrics from mushi... they describe me perfectly
anti-pop (the GazettE)... any good rock fan should listen to this
star[k]night (nightmare)... it's a pretty uplifting/inspirational song

18. What are three songs you recommend and why?
SIXTY-NINE(D'espairsray)... this song is good for moshing
Guren (the GazettE)...very pretty
Dustin'Fucker Life (sadie)... i dunno... I just like this son lol

19. What three bands would you recommend and why them?
Dir en Grey... emotional lyrics and kickass guitar riffs. the end.
Versailles... like HIZAKI Grace Project... but even better
Sadie... they have one of the best relationships with their fans that I have ever seen

20. Finally, do you love visual kei to death?
fuck yes
30th-Jul-2008 09:43 pm - hitori desu.
i miss you.

please come back soon.


20th-Jul-2008 10:18 pm - tired
forcing myself to stay awake



I am working really hard

waiting for that person

Visual Band Assocation Baton
Write the name of the visual band that you most associate with the statement.

Has intense fans
Dir en grey
A band that you want to revive
X Japan, UnsraW
The most recent you saw live
*ahem* none... but hopefully will see Versailles
Your favourite band right now
Dir en grey, sadie, nightmare
A band that used to be your favourite
A band that's 'riding the wave' (successful)
I think think it's good that they're already popular
Versailles... heh
My recommendation
Most or all the members are good looking
The opposite of the above question
SaTan... Oh dear God...
Hurtful fans
LM.C ........ grabbing Maya's crotch or stealing his jewelry is not ok...
Nice fans
Must buy their releases
Dir en grey, nightmare
Frankly, I'm already tired of them
Kaya, love him as a person but I really don't like his music haha
They've been on my mind lately
Sadie, Moran, UnsraW
Has a good relationship with their fans
Sadie (especially Mizuki I think XD)
I don't hear good things about them
SNSD... never mind that's a korean pop group
Seems like they'll disband soon
UnsraW... unless Yuuki get's better (which I hope he does!!)
Lots of people cosplay them
Dir en grey... I've probably seen too many people trying to do "saku"
18th-Jun-2008 10:59 pm - 一人

16th-Jun-2008 08:08 pm - はい。。。
yes.... I can blog now....

I did not make this layout... i'm inept. nor do i make any graphics whatsoever.

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